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Friday, November 5, 2010

"Shouting" in church!

Have you ever wondered why some black folk tend to “shout” or “get happy” during church service? Long ago, after or during the church service, some of the congregation would join in a “ring shout.” It is an African praise tradition that has survived a deliberate and somewhat successful campaign to de-Africanize the black man and woman here in America during slavery. (See The Willie Lynch Letter). Sadly, many of our black educated ministers and church goers have abandoned this form of spiritual expression. They associate this sort of behavior as “geechee,” “country,” or just plain unsophisticated. Fortunately, this African praise tradition has prevailed today in some black churches here in America. This is especially true down south thanks to black women. It’s one of the few remnants of African culture that wasn’t completely destroyed by bondage. It’s part of our beautiful culture. It’s even more beautiful to behold.

P.S. I have not seen persons in leadership (i.e. bishops and presiding elders) 'shouting'. Do they think this is unsophisticated? I'm just asking.
I don't know if they think this below their dignity.


  1. Are you only referring to AMEZ Bishops and Presiding Elders?

  2. From Jessie Peay. Ok lets Try this again! The disapearance of the "shout" in many of todays churches is due in part because a spirit of elitism that has permeated its people in the church! I have seen in my life time the well educated lead the movement to st...igmatize this once Holy of all ways to worship God by labeling the shout as primitive, unintelligent and backwoody! This once act of faith and expression is difficult, if almost impossible for the intellectual to discern for it appears as and emotional act to the void of Spirit who can only see the Lord in rituals and chants! There is a term that once was used to seperate churches that permited the "Shout" versus those churches that would not permit this act of worship and it is called "High Church"!!! This term was the dividing line in Black AME Zion Churches!!! The higher the degrees the stronger the culture against THE SHOUT!!! Elitism is still alive and well!!