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Monday, August 16, 2010

Women only! (Down low brothers!)

Atlanta is the new 'capital' for homosexual men! Can you ladies 'spot' a brother on the down low from the first look?

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  1. Nope; no way anyone can "spot" a bruh-man on the "DL"! The whole idea of "down low" is that this kind of man is a master of deception. His whole LIFE is banking on his ability to deceive; and frankly, I think he really gets "off" on how good he is at pulling off this con job. Been shocked a'many times -- and one time it hit home. I loved a DL bruh for 20 years -- only to find out, he'd always make me feel that there was just "one more" thing I needed to do in order to be acceptable to him. When the truth came out, NOTHING I could have done would have grown me a PENIS! (the ONE thing he really wanted). So NOTHING suprises me anymore.

    The only way to avoid deception is to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to a man's "sweet nuthins'" -- knowing that his verbal stroking really IS ultimately NOTHING -- and WAIT ON GOD for a true MAN! Anything else, you WILL be deceived! This control-freak lust devil is a BIG devil, ladies; NONE of us handle it -- TRUST!

    Ladies, check out www.raelewisthornton.com if you doubt what ONE wrong decision could cost. Then think about how many chances God has given us already -- and we made it through another lying man WITHOUT suffering the death penalty for it! Now take a look at any HIV/AIDs scientific statistics, and see the HIV infection rates among African American women -- you see us dropping off like flies under a fly-swat! You are blessed!

    Let us be no longer the "silly women" men take us for (with our permission at THAT); let us be deceived NO MORE!!!! Then, it won't matter if he "down low" and "up high," now will it?