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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Women in Hats" not STEWARDSHIP!

Women in hats, 12 tribe rallies, some revivals, chicken dinners, fish Fry's, Tom Thumb Weddings, Baby Contest, Choir Anniversary, Usher Anniversary and other church programs are means to raise funds for the church.

However, these programs don't necessarily raise the money needed to for the church budget.

The churches under the leadership of the pastor should have a tailored-made Stewardship program for the congregation.

"Women in hat" programs only promote women who have gone out and spent well over $200 for hat to "show off" and perhaps give the church $20 total in the offering. I have a better idea: take a picture of the hat you would like to have and whatever it cost give that amount to the church. It's alright to go bare-headed.

It will take a radical pastor/leader to organize and abolish all fundraisers. Develop a Stewardship program that will incorporate tithing and cheerful giving. (Note: the pastor/leader will also have to abolish pastor's appreciation and church anniversary, however, the salary can include what that pastor would get on an appreciation day.) It's a new day for a new way: Stewardship is the key, not fundraisers.

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  1. I agree with the notion that the money could be put to better use. But we must also consider that the hat for a black woman in the black church has much greater significance than at first glance. Black women have been trained to cover their hair. If a woman did not have her hair covered, she was seen as an in-submissive with the propensity to usurp a man's god-given authority (OK, I'm gonna PUKE). Also, with the huge families and responsibilities of black women of old, there was no time OR money for a hairdo. These are part of the reasons that black women of old went to church with a potato-bag rag on their heads. What men didn't bank on was that black women, as always, would find a way to make the BEST of yet another yoke put upon them. Men didn't know black women would make it a fashion statement that each would PROUDLY display every Sunday, now did they? LOL ;-)

    To now tell a black woman that she should take a picture of the hat and donate the money -- is like telling a man he should stay at church when the football game starts BEFORE church is over. It's like telling him to go to Sunday night prayer on Superbowl Sunday. It's like telling him to donate the money he would have spent on a suit and wear a cheap pants & shirt from Dollar General -- with only a picture of an Armani suit in his shirt pocket! These expensive suits for men aren't necessary either, now are they? ;-)